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The doctors at Berkshire Family Dental are professionals who are passionate about dentistry and who pride themselves in the long term relationships they develop with their patients. As members of several professional dental associations, they are committed to ongoing training and education to staying on top of the latest advances in dentistry in order to provide the absolute best dental care. Learn More about our doctors

Do You Skip Nightly Oral Care? Beware of These Consequences

Skipping your nightly routine of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash to keep your smile healthy can become a bad habit! Finding that time to brush your teeth in the morning is easier because you’ll see people and everyone wants to look their best for the day. At night? Not so much. Some people find brushing [...]

Plaque Vs. Tartar: What’s The Difference?

When talking about oral health, many people get the terms plaque and tartar confused. Although these two oral health concerns are similar, they are different and their treatments will be different as well. Treatment for each is important to avoid extensive damage to your teeth, so let’s learn the difference between plaque and tartar and [...]

Successful Treatment of Young Woman with Congenitally Missing Upper Lateral Incisors

Patient Examination and Diagnosis: This Berkshire dental patient case study involved a young woman with congenitally missing upper lateral incisors, a genetic condition. She was looking for a dentist close to the American University area. One of the patient’s baby teeth still remained, and the other had to be removed. Missing these teeth caused the [...]

Cracked Root Treatment from Berkshire Family Dental Helps Older Gentleman Address CPAP Discomfort & Use Sleep Appliance

Patient Examination and Diagnosis: This Berkshire dental patient case study involves an older gentleman who came to our dental practice in DC from Cleveland Park for a new sleep appliance. For years he had been provided with a CPAP machine, but failed to use it for various reasons, including discomfort. We determined that the primary [...]