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The doctors at Berkshire Family Dental are professionals who are passionate about dentistry and who pride themselves in the long term relationships they develop with their patients. As members of several professional dental associations, they are committed to ongoing training and education to staying on top of the latest advances in dentistry in order to provide the absolute best dental care. Learn More about our doctors

Types of Tooth Cavities

People in general don’t get as many cavities as they once did, thanks to fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinses. Good oral hygiene practices can reduce the likelihood of cavities, but cavities can still happen to anyone, at any age; even baby teeth can get cavities. Cavities are caused by decay and can get worse if [...]

Get to Know Your Mouthwash

Although mouthwash cannot truly cure bad breath, it can be used as a preventive measure. Antibacterial mouthwashes contain ingredients that fight bacterial plaque, and this helps to prevent gum disease. Not all mouthwashes are antibacterial, however. Some mouthwashes are categorized as cosmetic mouthwashes or mouth rinses. These do not fight bacteria, and can only cover [...]