Berkshire Family Dental Patient Meets Weight Loss Goals After Invisalign Treatment

Patient Examination and Diagnosis:

This Berkshire dental patient case study from McLean Gardens involves a 40-year-old female patient who felt self-conscious due to the spacing of her upper teeth along with being overweight. She wanted to lose 30 pounds but kept delaying changes in diet and exercise since she would still be insecure about her smile anyway.


Invisalign is a clear aligner system designed to be virtually invisible. This has given many adults the ability to correct teeth spacing issues and other dental problems without the stigma of metal braces. The dental aligners are custom made to snugly fit on a patient’s teeth. Every week or so a new aligner is provided to move the teeth gradually in the desired direction. This allows the teeth to gently shift into place, and is a great alternative to traditional braces depending on the type and degree of correction required.

Treatment and Results:

Dr. Grewal used the Invisalign system of clear aligners to correct the spacing of the patient’s teeth. With her new, natural smile, she gained the confidence to make the changes she had wanted. With diet and exercise, she has shed the 30 pounds she wanted to lose and states that the Invisalign treatment, now close to completion, was the trigger that started her on the path to reaching her health and fitness goals.