Restoring Chipped Teeth with Crowns

Restoring Chipped Teeth with Crowns

May 29, 2018

While chipped teeth won’t give you the best look in terms of aesthetics, but they can also be super painful. A dental crown is a simple way to restore the look and functionality of your teeth. Crowns can even be used to continue to protect a tooth that has recently been treated with a root canal or one with a large filling. The possibilities are many, but of course to be sure to always check with your dental professional to see if you’re the right candidate.

Do you Need Crowns?

If you have chipped, cracked, broken, injured, or even recently treated teeth, crowns may be the solution that you’re looking for. Crowns do require a procedure by a dentist that will first make an impression of your chipped teeth and its surrounding teeth. The chipped or broken tooth will be filed down to a base where the crown itself will be fixed. While your permanent crown is begin made, don’t worry, you’ll be given a temporary crown to continue everyday life in the meantime.

What are Crowns Made of?

The material of your crown will depend on your budget and needs. There is a great option on the market today to appeal to all kinds of folks. Crowns can be made of a plethora of materials, all of which include:

  • Metal

    – This material is very strong but will wear down over time.

  • Composite

    – This material looks very natural and is stronger than the porcelain option. After a time, brushing will remove the polish finish.

  • Porcelain

    – This material is more brittle than composite to metal and will chip easier.

At Berkshire Family Dental of Washington, DC, we don’t want our patients walking around with chipped teeth! If you are interested in a consultation for a crown treatment, don’t hesitate to call our office today. Ask us about our cosmetic, preventative, or general dentistry options!

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