Cosmetic Dentistry

The smile you have always wanted can become a reality with cosmetic dentistry.

Our Washington DC cosmetic dentists are trained to provide the latest in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Whether you want a brighter smile for that special day, looking to enhance your smile to a natural, healthy appearance or have other aspects of your smile that you’d like to get addressed, cosmetic dentistry with Berkshire Family Dental can do just that.

Learn more about some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by our NW DC cosmetic dental office.

“From the very first phone call, I knew this was the right place to come. I was treated with respect and compassion and my anxiety about how my smile looked went away. Dr. Grewal was invested in my smile and helped me create my best look”

– Regina, Tenleytown, Washington, DC

Regina needed to make some changes to get her smile the way she wanted it. “The truth is that I never felt good about my smile,” she shared with us. “I don’t think I realized how much it bothered me or affected my life until I saw pictures of myself at my cousin’s wedding. I realized I’m getting older. I don’t want to have this smile forever. Something needs to change.”

She met with Dr. Grewal who was compassionate and caring. Regina felt comfortable continuing her treatment here to create the smile she always wanted. After getting her smile healthy, Dr. Grewal was able to place dental veneers to totally transform Regina’s smile.

“It’s a new me! What can I say? I’m so excited about the rest of my life with this gorgeous smile thanks to Dr. Grewal!”