Successful Treatment of Young Woman with Congenitally Missing Upper Lateral Incisors

Patient Examination and Diagnosis:

This Berkshire dental patient case study involved a young woman with congenitally missing upper lateral incisors, a genetic condition. She was looking for a dentist close to the American University area. One of the patient’s baby teeth still remained, and the other had to be removed. Missing these teeth caused the patient to be embarrassed by her appearance, so we set to work to correct the problem and restore her smile.


The term for the genetic absence of missing permanent teeth is anodontia. According to researchers, about 2% of people are congenitally missing their lateral incisors. It is slightly more common for females to experience this problem. Options include opening the spaces between the teeth to insert implants, closing the space between the teeth through orthodontics, or combining the two options by opening one side and closing the other.

Treatment and Results:

Dr. Priya Grewal combined several restorative methods to correct the two gaps. A bridge was utilized along with some veneers and a crown. As a result, the patient’s smile was restored along with her self-confidence. With her new beautiful smile, the young woman feels like she can focus on taking her career to the next level.