4 Important Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups

4 Important Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups

Jan 03, 2018

It can be very tempting to skip your biannual dentist visit. You are busy, there is too much to do, and your smile looks fine! Even if everything looks good on the outside, that doesn’t mean there are not other issues that you can’t see. Here are four reasons to keep up with your regular dental checkups:

Save Your Smile

The earlier tooth decay is detected, the easier it is to treat. A small cavity can be found on an x-ray before it is even visible. Gum disease is also an issue for many people, particularly over 30 years old. Early detection and treatment can help ensure that it does not progress and become a larger issue.

Look and Feel Better

Built-up tartar, plaque, and calculus are removed during a professional cleaning that you can’t reach at home. You will feel extremely confident and proud of your smile after a professional cleaning. Also, regular cleanings can help you avoid unwelcome bad breath.

Protect Your Overall Health

Studies have shown that oral health leads to improved health throughout the entire body. About 120 systemic diseases are visible in the mouth and can be identified before you would even know you had the disease. Aetna also showed that those who successfully go to their regular dental cleanings and exams had lower overall healthcare costs, due to the prevention and early detection that went along with it.

Perhaps, Even Save Your Life

Dentists are leading the charge to identify and fight oral cancer in its earliest stages successfully. Just like preventive screenings like mammograms helped to reduce the number of deaths caused by breast cancer, dental screenings for oral cancer during regular dental exams has also reduced the number of deaths contributed to oral cancer.

Regular dental exams can help you in many more ways. Questions about what an exam entails? Give us a call.

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