What to Expect After Dental Bone Graft Surgery?

What to Expect After Dental Bone Graft Surgery?

Jan 01, 2019

In some cases, before dental implant procedure, the dentist advices to go for Bone graft surgery. There’s nothing to be afraid about a normal dental procedure which is minimally invasive. The procedure helps in replacing missing bone in the jaw and offers a firm base for the dental implants.

What Level of Pain Am I In After the Surgery?

You can expect some discomfort after the bone graft surgery but it’s bearable. You can compare the pain to the one experienced after a tooth removal. However, the dentist will prescribe an anti-inflammatory medicine to manage the pain and discomfort. You can also apply ice on the affected area.

How Can I Keep the Swelling Down?

You will experience some swelling after the bone grafting procedure. You must take steps to get rid of the swelling and the best way is to apply ice on the area of surgery at frequent intervals for at least first 2-3 days. Icing will help in preventing the blood influx in the gum tissues. This will help in proper recovery.

What Can I Eat After Dental Bone Graft Surgery?

For a few days after the bone grafting, you may need to make some changes. The diet will largely depend on the extent of grafting procedure. Some patients may be advised to follow only a cold fluid diet such as soups, juices and smoothies. Other may be allowed to have soft food such as mashed potatoes, scrambled egg, oatmeal, pudding and pureed fruit. One must avoid eating sharp, hard and crunchy food.

How Should I Sleep After the Surgery?

Patients must only sleep on their back on pillows with their head elevated. This will help in influx of blood to the bone graft site. You can at least avoid sleeping on the side of body where the surgery had occurred.

What Are My Activity Restrictions?

It’s recommended to avoid any strenuous physical activity after the bone grafting so that you don’t disrupt the healing process. You will be able to return to your normal routine within few days after recovery.

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